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Meet Glenda

Hey there!

Meet Glenda Lee, the Broward Travel Artist and Licensed Esthetician. Glenda's vibrant personality, zest for life, and collaborative prowess make her a sought-after professional in the industry. Clients rave about her warm engagement and creative approach to every project she takes on, establishing her as a favorite among individuals, celebrities, brides, photographers, magazines, corporations, and television networks.

As a trusted expert, Glenda caters to the diverse needs of her clients, whether they are seeking beauty services or professional collaborations. She is well-regarded for staying ahead of beauty industry trends and jetting off to far-flung destinations, inviting everyone to join her on the exciting journey of life.

Glenda's passion for connecting with people serves as a global passport, encouraging us to explore new experiences and savor the flavors of her world. A fabulous foodie and beauty-boss, she draws inspiration from her travels around the globe, finding joy in celebrating everyday moments one bowl of pasta at a time. Through her exploration and appreciation of the world, Glenda effortlessly inspires us to live better, laugh more often, and embrace our inner glow-getter!

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Since 2018, G.LEE Aesthetics, owned by Glenda Lee, has stood out as a premier makeup and esthetics business in the cosmetic industry. Originally established in South Florida and currently extending services to Central Florida area.  Glenda Lee, delivers professional and unparalleled service to clients, setting the standard for excellence.


Glenda, an alumna of Florida University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing, has been a self-taught, professional makeup artist since 2013. Balancing the art of makeup application and entrepreneurship, she has garnered recognition for her work. Her portfolio includes notable appearances and collaborations with celebrities and public figures.  With aspirations of industry progression through mentorship, Glenda aims to expand her business to multiple studio locations in the coming years.


Glenda's approach to beauty is modern and client-centric, ensuring she listens to each client's requests to deliver not just what they came for, but an experience that exceeds expectations. Whether it's bold looks or subtle touches, Glenda has the expertise to enhance your beauty while allowing you to still feel like yourself. Prepare to look and feel stunning with G.LEE Aesthetics!

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